Cell@FIX is a pro gadget company established in 2017, we make great efforts to help people by delivering astonishing customer service, providing right accessories to customers, fast & professional repairs using only high-quality parts available.


Why We’re the Best

Should your Smartphone or iPad ever need to get it fixed either of its parts of the Screen or any components to be replaced, be sure that our stock of high-quality replacement parts will make that possible!

Skilled Tech

A team of our Cellphone technicians, with a combined practice spanning over a few decades, will be able to help you with absolutely any kind of a tech issue that you might ever bump into! Their total vast practice span is simply amazing!


Servicing thousands of customers per year, the focus to providing a top-notch, personalized and fast service is always on our mind! This means that despite having many clients. our technicians dedicate the time required for each of them!

Affordable Pricing

As opposed to a majority of other tech support and technical repair providers, we never try to take advantage of you and make you pay astronomical fees! Our pricing policy is always fair and balanced!


Expert Phone Services we offer

Screen replacement

Cracked screen! No problem we can get it fix for you in 60 mins with 90 days warranty without any physical or water damage.

Battery replacement

Is your phone having charging issue or battery issue? We can replace the battery and repair the device, if needed.

Camera replacement

Wont focus! Failed! Flash not working! We can fix that

Software data issue

Google locked! Stuck on boot loop! Data Transfer! We fix all errors.

Back Glass Replacement

Back Glass or Housing Replacement. Best quality parts and service.

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Why CEll@Fix Fort Saskatchewan Location

Why CEll@Fix Fort Saskatchewan Location

When it comes to cellphone repairs in Fort Saskatchewan, Cell@Fix is the top choice for several reasons. Here's why you should choose Cell@Fix for your phone repairs: Expertise and Experience: Ce...
Computer / Laptop / Mac books

Computer / Laptop / Mac books

We fix your computer, Laptop, and Mac book issues.
Device replacement or Upgrades

Device replacement or Upgrades

If we notice your device is no longer repairable due to the damage or ran over or water damage issues, we will give you an option to upgrade or replace with similar device with our fair price stock...


Now, you can bring all of your old devices, even if they are broken, damaged,or unusable, and get money back or credit toward great services.

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